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Luke Adams Glassblowing

October 2015

Boston, MA

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Spring 2015

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Mission Trip

Nkhoma, Malawi

July - August 2015

Nkhoma Mission Hospital for visiting doctors, nurses and students.

Nkhoma CCAP Synod Health Department comprises Nkhoma Hospital and 10 Health Centers scattered through Malawi Central Region. Nkhoma College of

Nursing and all health structures are being developed within the Nkhoma CCAP synod at congregational level. Nkhoma Hospital is situated some 60 kilometers south of Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, 15 kilometers off the main (Lilongwe-Blantyre) road. The hospital premises are within the historical area of the original (South African Reformed NG Church) mission station, many of its buildings still showing the building style of the missionaries that started it in 1912.

Services currently provided:

Over a period of almost 100 years the hospital has developed from a single missionary doctor, who expanded his training course in tropical medicine into a reasonably well equipped 220 bed facility. It has pediatric, surgical, general male and female wards with isolation rooms, tuberculosis, maternity, private and burn    wards, a labour room, 2 general theaters, outpatient department, family health clinic, ARV-clinic and supportive departments (physiotherapy, pharmacy, administration). There is also an ophthalmic department with ophthalmic theatre.

Its primary catchment area is the surrounding rural community of 64,000 people; however, it serves patients from all over Malawi as well as from neighboring countries. It offers in- and outpatient care locally and conducts mobile clinics in its catchment area. Yearly 30,000 outpatients are seen, 12,000 patients are admitted, 1,500 patients are operated on in the general theatre, 2,500 ophthalmic operations are done and 2,000 deliveries are conducted. Some operations are of a specialist nature (e.g. Burn Reconstruction, Vesico-Vaginal Fistula repair, cataract removal and lens implantation); provision of these services lightens the

workload of the nearest referral hospital (Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe).

The Health Department supervises governmental and non-governmental Health Centers within its catchment area and CCAP Health Centers throughout the Central Region of Malawi. The Hospital has negotiated a Service Agreement with the District Health Offices (DHO) of Lilongwe, which means some care is paid by them. It has built a reputation of offering good quality care, explaining the number of people coming from remote areas.

For more information please download PDF.

Nkhoma Volunteer Information.PDFGet_Involved_files/ABR_Volunteer%20Info.pdf

Due to a shortage of quality dressings,
a patient’s grandmother hand washes gauze wraps.

Suggested Volunteer Services:

  1. Host a 5K race/walk, a local artist sale or school fundraiser

  2. Volunteer at an upcoming event in your area

  3. Donate handmade items, art, bead works or a business gift certificate to an upcoming fundraising event for sale/auction

For volunteer inquires, please email africaburnrelief@gmail.com


Marietta Physician Assistant Program, Annual Fundraiser
Marietta, OH

Donated supplies from the Marietta Physician Assistant Program’s Annual Fundraiser



  1. Attend a fundraiser

  2. Volunteer at an event

  3. Sort supplies


Medical and non-medical volunteers needed, including prevention teachers, social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, burn trained physician assistants, plastic and burn trained nurses and physicians.


Complete medical supply list can be viewed on the Donate page.